Fox skipped through the city and eventually reached Wolf's house. Fox knocked on the door and when Wolf opened it, he blushed like an anime girl.

"Fox, what do you want?"


"Oh god, not another Wolf X Fox ship..."

Fox blinked twice, "Um..."

"I mean, really? Jesus, I lost count of how many times we have been shipped! I'm pretty sure that we get a shipped at least billions of times a year if you count the minds of furry girls who daydream during class."


"Why do people do this?! Fox has a girlfriend! Or had a girlfriend, I don't fucking know, BUT HE IS STRAIGHT! Ship him with her, not me! I'm sick and tired of all these goddamn cliche fanfics of Fox meets me, then tells me he loves me and then we fuck and finish with a hug and oh God, don't even get me started on fan art! I am so fucking mad at Nintendo for letting me exist! I am mad at my own existence!"

As Wolf shouted to the skies, Fox had already sneaked away.

"God, someone pick a different character to ship with me! I'm done with that fox's knot! I'm not gay, but, come on, make things different for once!"

Suddenly, Wolf felt a presence behind him. It was Pigma wearing a bondage suit, complete with an apple in his mouth and he was holding a whip. He was incredibly fat and old.

"Here's something original..." Wolf heard a voice from the skies...

"Erm...I, uh...Fox...Fox...? FOX, COME BACK TO ME, MY LOVE!" Wolf ran away and Pigma rolled after him.

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