One glorious day, Fux McClood (OC DONT STEAL), a Fox McCloud re-skin that has blue fur awoke in his ship, the Big Fux. Fux McClood entered his Arwing and decided that today he would bounty hunt, so he started flying towards his enemy's base, Star Wolf.

On the way, Fux found a meteor cafe, which is a cafe that is located on a meteor. Fux landed his ship and decided that he was going have something before fighting the biggest battle of his life.

Fux ordered space crabs and blue juice, but the waiter gave him space cow and blue juice instead. Fux was going to complain but noticed that space cow and blue juice were the favorite meal of another enemy called Star Duck (OC DONT STEAAAL). A duck popped out of the space cow and tried to mug Fux but Fux was fast and kicked the duck into the oven and the oven exploded and the burned duck's hand fell in front of Fux.

Fux noticed that the waiter had a pulled out a gun, so Fux karate kicked the gun out of the waiter's hand and the gun flew before it fell on the waiter's head, with the barrel impaling his skull so Fux got up and pulled the trigger five times. The first time, an eyeball, the second time, another eyeball came out, the third time, a third eyeball came out (Illuminati pricks), fourth time the waiter's brain started to leak through the eye sockets and the fifth time, the head exploded and painted the entire room red, including Fux.

The blood covered Fux noticed more ducks coming so he grabbed the waiter's body and used it as a meat shield, then he grabbed his plate and threw it at the ducks, making them all get decapitated and spray the room with more blood.

Fux noticed he wasted too much time killing Star Duck and went back to his Arwing and flew really fast towards his objective, but on the way, Fux passed through Star Vixen (OC DONT STEAAAAAAALPGKSPL,GO)

The vixens tried to seduce Fux but it turns out Fux was gay so he shot the vixens's boobs, inserted grenades in the bullet holes and flew away as they blew up.

Fux flew so fast towards his objective that he crashed through the base, running over everyone except Wolf.

But then Wolf had a stroke because that's the title of the story.

Fux said "Welp" and shrugged but then Fux's Arwing exploded.

Fux's tombstone now says:

R.I.P Fux

My greatest dream is a world without re-skins

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